Germophobic angel.

#brin-bellway is this you (itsbenedict)

We shall cleanse this world with fire and the needle.

(the swords are a metaphor)

(date of origin: June 7th, 2019)


#I still haven’t decided if ”may you burn in the fires of Gehenna like the garbage you are” is a good line or an over-the-top line #(not towards *you*‚ Benedict‚ just as a tool in one’s arsenal) #this is why I don’t call myself an effective altruist #I greatly appreciate effective altruists and I feel some favour towards their goals #but utilitarianism is‚ frankly‚ not actually why I donate to the RC Forward Global Health Fund #the slain microbes of the Lord shall be many #reply via reblog #art #angels #illness tw?

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