Side note but “mangaka wearing fun masks to interviews and fan events” seems to be a whole trend

Like, I love excuses to post that Hiromu Arakawa photo b/c FMA is my favorite and I enjoy her entire cow shtick:

but here’s Paru Itagaki (Beastars):

Gege Akutami (Jujutsu Kaisen):

Kohei Horikoshi (My Hero Academia):

and I’m not much of a weeb, these are just the ones people have told me about. Do comic artists do this in other countries? (I definitely would if I were in such a publicity and fan-driven business and I could get away with it)



idk but a bunch of amateur japanese musicians on youtube also do this 

@rustingbridges oh neat! That reminds me, I think it’s also (or used to be) a big thing in the EDM scene – like Deadmau5 and other DJs I don’t remember names of (I know even less about EDM than I do about manga).



honestly more people should wear weird masks all the time irl. I think that spice things. especially compared to what we’ve got


#tag yourself I’m Kohei Horikoshi #clothing

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