arbitrarygreay asked: How did you select your mask model and filter number? And how did you decide to select the “medium” size mask?

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Model: It’s the one recommended by The Prepared [link].

(I’ve found The Prepared to be very helpful in general. I’m glad Scott Alexander offhandedly mentioned it in his first coronavirus link roundup.)

Filter number: I just grabbed compatible P100s that were in stock at the time. Getting nuisance-vapour filtration was an accident, but a happy one: I already associated level-of-reduction-in-sense-of-smell with level-of-protection-from-airborne-hazards from my pre-existing practice of wearing surgical masks to keep pollen out of my airways, and as such, respirator-specific anosmia is deeply reassuring to my subconscious.

(I even used it at home to keep me from gagging while I cleaned out rotten food [link], though the smell in question might well have also been blockable by a plain P100.)

Size: the Amazon Q&A said that most people are a medium (The Prepared also mentions most people being a medium, though in the context of full-face respirators), and I did not have a particular reason to think that I needed an unusually small or large size. The medium has worked out fine, though I wouldn’t be surprised if a small would also work for me.


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