mom wants to have a dinner tomorrow that we all get dressed up for since we’re all here quarantining together

she did not specify that we were supposed to dress formally AND mad max: road warrior was on today so i am throwing together a Post-Apocalyptic Look for the dinner for the irony and also because i am. a maniac.


(actually i have a whole pinterest board if you want to see all of it)


i have ripped the lining out of this once-pretty Lord + Taylor suede coat:

don’t worry too much–i got it super cheap on ebay years ago and had already fucked it up a little for larping (replaced the…uhhh original? they probably don’t call ‘em OEM parts on clothing lol….buttons with elvish looking clasps)

so i ripped out the lining, which is also really promising for easy weathering and quickly adding a fuck ton of texture to the coat:

i am now trying to figure out what effect bleaching suede will have on the color of the coat.

website after website is telling me how to go about it if i don’t want to damage the suede or discolor it. however, i want to damage the SHIT out of this coat. i want someone to look at this coat and not quite be sure what the fuck color it originally was.

experiments to come!



OHHHHH BABEY the experiments are exciting



twice now, tumblr has eaten my in-depth writeup of progress and i don’t want to bother a third time so here are the pictures at least lol





and the coat came out so COOL i can’t wait to add a bunch of shit to it





needs a lot of love but like…that’s the beginning of a mask!!!

(if you’re wondering about the guy fawkes mask, i knew that it was a little big on my face but generally the right shape to make a human-face-ish impression on the back of the mask. if you’ve ever tried casting full face prosthetic makeup, you know about the necessity of having both a positive and negative mold to make sure it actually fits onto a face–same principle here!)

so now i’m blasting it with a hair dryer until i’m satisfied that it’s dry-ish, then a whooooole lot of sanding.

ALSO dinner is actually tomorrow because no one felt like dress up dinner today lol



may or may not be turning into a dc villain, lads




  • sanding going well
  • i have cut my handy hands innumerable frickin times

OH ALSO i didn’t have this done in time for dinner and THAT’S OK




  • hood is mostly stitched. there are some elements i’m not satisfied with yet but it’s pretty close to done. not sure if i’m going to keep the “eyes in the back of your head” embroidery joke in there or not though (see the third picture). it IS funny in a grim way and i suspect that gallows humor is the only kind of humor that would survive long in a world like that but i don’t know if it fits the aesthetic really. we’ll see.
  • found some funky square chain and a few strings of eucalyptus seeds that i wasn’t sure what to do with and will be incorporating those (along with a piece of tire i found while walking a few days ago) into the costume somehow
  • looks like those tabi boots i bought in high school because i wanted to be as cool as my sister by having An Interest In Japan will also come in handy
  • and it’s mask painting time!! i’ve been looking forward to this for DAYS this is my favorite part of the PROJECT



OK i’m sorry to reblog this giant fuckin post twice in a row but also!!!! oh my god!!!!! look aahhh!!!!

dry brushing is my favorite thing ever aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!



OK so after a hiatus of uhhh ??? several months i am working on this again

  • i have added mesh onto the eyeholes of the mask and may paint them black. we shall see. also E6000 may be horrifically toxic but it is also the best glue ever
  • i think once i have the mesh secured and painted (and once i make sure there’s nothing on the inside that’s going to poke my face), all that will be left on the mask and hood is weathering, which is my favorite thing
  • found a REALLY nice shredded tire on the side of the road that i’m going to use for “armor”
  • may test out using my dremel to “age” the fabric elements of the costume? i’ve seen some videos of people doing that and it seems to work well and go fast
  • gotta spice up the plain old tabi boots i have
  • must add T R I N K E T S


#cosplay ideas for when I go to a con wearing a respirator to prevent con crud #(I don’t think I would enjoy the process enough to put this much work into it) #(but I’m glad OP is having fun and the inspiration might still help me with something lower-effort) #(…honestly I bet my utility belt and steel-water-bottle-with-shoulder-strap-pouch and #maybe also the hiking boots would go pretty well with the Aesthetic too) #(…god I just took another look at the way that coat turned out and was vividly reminded of #the camo-pattern hat I keep strapped to my utility belt when not in use) #(I really don’t need that many tweaks to my normal outfit‚ do I) #clothing #cosplay #illness mention #long post

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