Someone I know not well enough to voice my opinion on the subject said something like why didn’t God make potatoes a low-calorie food so I am here to say: God made them like that because their nutrition density IS what makes them healthy. By God I mean Andean agricultural technicians. Potato is healthy BECAUSE potato holds calories and vitamins. Do not malign potato

For all evolutionary history, life has struggled against calorie deficit… So much energy goes into finding food that there is no time for anything else. Our ancestors selectively bred root vegetables to create the potato, so that we might be the first species whose daily existence doesn’t consist of trying to find the nutrients necessary for survival. One potato can rival the calorie count of many hours of foraging… Eat a potato, and you free up so much time to create and build and connect with your fellow man. Without potato where would you be?? Do not stand on the shoulders of giants and think thyself tall!!


#I ate potatoes today and I approve this message #give or take some hyperbole‚ anyway #(it is deeply twisted that ”this food contains less sustenance” is a thing sellers charge *extra* for) #(if I want less food I will *eat* less food) #((besides‚ my appetite is quite good at adjusting for calorie density and is not fooled by your hollowed-out shit)) #food #disordered eating #proud citizen of The Future

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