Cheynobyl news is slowly trickling out of various news sources such that i’m never sure if something new is happening, just lemme know when they put the call out for stalkers news sites



fuckin’ weird to be googling “chernobyl news” in 2021 but score one for the hippies who said nuclear disposal is a long-term problem I guess.



  • Any potential explosion, however, would likely be less catastrophic than the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

good to know! good to know.



Problem seems to be that the nuclear material isn’t wet enough, gotta send someone who knows how to get nuclear material wet.



I assume this is an arch reference to some fandom ship and applaud politely



nuclear disposal is a long term problem! this isn’t obscure or arcane knowledge! but nobody wants to deal with it except the Finns!


#*long sigh* #apocalypse cw

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