So I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but “overnight oatmeal” is this branded thing that comes in expensive little cups, and I just wanted to mention that it’s not specially treated oatmeal in any way.

You can literally just buy a normal canister of oatmeal, dump a serving or so in a bowl, add enough to cover of milk, water, milk substitute, whatever pleases you – I know I’ve seen it done with apple juice, I don’t think I’d recommend orange juice. Then you stir it up, let it soak in the fridge for 6-8 hours, and you have perfectly edible oatmeal. You can toss in dried fruit, spices, whatever.

In Scotland several centuries ago, this was called “drammach”, and you would make it with water when you were on the run, as sometimes happened in old-timey Scotland. It was handy because it didn’t need cooking, so your enemies could not find you by the smoke of your campfire. Also a bag of dry oatmeal weighs practically nothing and will feed you for days as long as you have water.

(I hear they just get water out of the sky in Scotland. Can’t relate. *desert dweller*)

These days, it’s handy because oatmeal is very cheap and reasonably filling, it requires no special cookware, you can prep it in like three gestures (dump – pour – stir), and if you forget it in the fridge for a day or so it’s still good and nothing catches on fire. So I thought I’d mention again, in case anybody would be interested and hadn’t known, that this is a thing you can do and you absolutely don’t have to pay three bucks for a lil half-cup branded container.


#food #the more you know #adventures in human capitalism #I’ve been thinking about getting into porridges #I don’t get enough fibre in my diet unless I actively seek it out #and I’m worried about what my current popcorn-based strategy might be doing to my teeth

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