one of those extremely-slow-aging-but-humanoid fantasy species where everyone is actually centuries or millennia old

but the twist is that because they’re so old they develop levels of maturity that are simply unattainable and unknowable to humans

hundreds of emotion-words that all seem to mean the same thing to humans because they require decades of context to distinguish

fiction and artworks that take decades of study to understand considered standard parts of adult pop culture. one of them that you’ve known for 50 years suddenly changes their habits completely, you ask one of their friends and they go like, “oh, yes, they finished reading [name of story]”. they smile at you, like you’re a child playing peekaboo for the first time

“things were better in my day” considered a sign of immaturity, diagnostic of something analogous to a second teenager phase that you go through starting around your first half-century and get out of by the time you turn 100


#story ideas I will never write #death tw #this probably deserves some other warning tag but I am not sure what

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