since im in quarentine i decided i wanted to do something nice for my mutuals, so here it is, my own little corner of the internet. this was orignally meant to be a comic but considering this single panel took me like six hours to make and tomorrow quarentine ends i thought, you know what, im good enough with this

depicted here are some of my dear:

@drethelin, @sigmaleph, @tiffany-loves-broadway, @proudly-arrogant, @birdblogwhichisforbirds, @nostalgebraist, @itsbenedict and @argumate

wanted to include here but ran out of space or their avatars didnt lend themselves to being a character, @theaudientvoid, @funereal-disease, @ericvilas, @dagny-hashtaggart

there is probably plenty im missing as well and if you are seeing this and i didnt include you then that is probably because i dont see you very often in my dash and/or we just dont interact a lot.




#art #fanart #adorable #high context jokes #(there is enough overlap between fipindustries’ corner of the Internet and mine that I get ~half of these jokes)

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