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put in the tags your opinions on wearing shoes in the house and why


#in my own house: nothing against it unless the shoes are in quarantine‚ but I normally don’t #in other people’s houses: I’m not willing to die on this hill so I go along with the taking-your-shoes-off norm #but I would rather keep them on #taking off one’s shoes is an expression of vulnerability #(partly Touching Their Floor and partly Making It More Difficult to Leave Abruptly) #and it’s frankly presumptuous that everybody and their brother demands it of me #this is *your* space‚ not mine‚ and the fact is that I will not be as comfortable here as I would at home #what next? #are you going to expect me to eat your finger foods without hand sanitiser? #groom my face?? #take off my utility belt??? #we play this game of pretending to trust each other #but I don’t trust your house and I don’t trust you #you want my trust‚ fucking earn it #tag rambles #is the blue I see the same as the blue you see #illness mention

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