forget the Internet things that would be incomprehensible 2 years ago phenomenon

where is the appreciation for Internet things that you could show to someone from 3000 BC and be almost sure they’d get a kick out of it



A short list of things that probably would be funny to humans in any time ever:

  • objects shaped like dicks
  • funky dances
  • dancing badly to bangin music
  • dogs being stupid (we’ve had those idiots domesticated for 30,000 years)
  • teenage boys being stupid
  • slapstick
  • that video where the guy is singing/chanting while bouncing on a tree branch and it abruptly breaks under him
  • that video where two guys are trying to get their phone out from behind a fence with sticks and one loses his stick so the other climbs the fence, gets the stick, and ignores the phone
  • literally any video with animals acting like people



Now what I need is like a bunch of memes and funny shit arranged on a timeline showing the earliest time period where they would be funny/understandable.

Obviously you’d have a lot that’s based on really recent pop culture references, but by like, 2,000 BC…a lot of tropes our stories still use have been established, there are stringed instruments, people have pet cats and dogs…so much would be familiar you know…Ancient Egyptians would love funny cat compilations and you know this is the case and they would probably love the videos of people playing guitars for pleased or unimpressed pets.


#history #embarrassment squick

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