Wait those English bastards in Harry Potter were allowed to keep tawny owls as pets right??? AND BRING THEM INTO IRELAND??????????



JK Rowling is the anti-St Patrick she’s here to spead imperialist propaganda and disrupt owl ecology




We have something new for her callout file; get whoever’s in charge of that on the phone




Never thought I’d say this but folks we may need a new harry potter book



As someone who has spent time with professional ornithologists and has seen people make 500-mile trips to see a Single Species Of Hummingbird i can say without a single doubt that wizards being discovered cus they keep bringing their nonnative birds places is a completely realistic scenario



i’m imagining a bunch of very confused ornithologists trying to research the appearance of non-native owls in scotland, but they keep getting turned around by hogwarts’ anti-muggle defenses and it’s this endless cycle of

“well, we know that within this few mile radius of undisturbed highlands, there are massive concentrations of owls that Should Not Be Here. we know the owls are here, we know where they hunt and approximately where they return to roost but we just. we jsut. can’t find a SINGLE fucking nest??? anywhere?????? every owl we tag has their tracker malfunction RIGHT HERE but whenever i investigate i somehow end up back home in my slippers with a cup of tea.”






I love this so much I almost want to put it in my project



Normal Beasts and Where You Absolutely Should Not Find Them


#Harry Potter #owls #fanfic #story ideas I will never write #fun with loopholes #(sort of)

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