im gonna make garlic meringues



or you could reconsider?



no like legit!! I could totally just, skip the sugar, add a little salt and some raw garlic/garlic powder, set that shit to 225 and bake for 75 minutes. I honestly don’t see why this wouldn’t work



shit man I could do all KINDS of flavors. Italian sausage. Rosemary. Salt. Add food coloring to differentiate what’s what. im SO doing this later



Savory meringue? I’m going to need follow up on this. I’m guessing it will be like fleeting croutons but enquiring minds



everyone give me flavor ideas. this is gonna be just like that time I tried to use drink mix in meringues but worse <3



as it turns out, salt breaks down egg whites. the only ones that worked were the garlic ones and they tasted like garlic dirt so I tossed them. do not try this



Thank you for the sad but important update. Now we know why these don’t already exist. My last savory experiment proved that garlic ice cream hasn’t gone mainstream because it tastes like frozen Alfredo sauce, so you can file that under time saved



…. This exchange is magical


#food #the more you know

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