when u go to the Very Small Shelf in the library that has info on ur Very Specific Niche Research Topic Of The Day and u go to pick out a book and they stick together bc they’ve been pressed into other books without moving for so long and some of the books are typed in weird typewriter font with huge spacing instead of regular shit and they have old analog library cards that were only punched one (1) time in 1983 like thats when u kno ur In Deep and u gotta like prepare urself….. u could find anything in that shit once u pass like the first bookshelf like its completely free game anything could happen bc u KNO that shit hasn’t been even glanced at in 200 years….open up the 1904 volume of Modern Dick Aerodynamics to the 4832954th page u gonna find a letter in morse code like “i leavith with mine cow for the countryside at dawn”

#i only ever found a couple old receipts but one feels a great love anyway#i was advised in high school to think of research as a way of joining an old and continuous discussion among peers#this was excellent advice tbh#it is comforting to think of oneself in community however vague with the venerable bede#because of course all my research was about medieval numismatics and wages & prices and all that#so you have to think about the medieval historians and their libraries; tiny and extensive at once#love to the ghosts who taught me everything i know via @girderednerve

i know u were prob talking about said specific medieval historians but in the context of science and academia as a whole ‘love to the ghosts who taught me everything i know’ is one of the most emotionally charged things ive ever heard and it resonates so fiercely with the old untouched environments of university libraries suddenly disturbed by young curious souls that i described in the original post tbh thank you i want to get it tattooed on my body 


#history #and I feel like this also qualifies for #the wondrous variety of sapient life

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