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So you know how I was complaining about not being able to find a use for my Amazon credit? Look what I found yesterday:

Amazon US! has!! a gift-card store!!! and most of them are purchaseable using Amazon credit!!!!


(AFAICT there’s not even a markup! except on the Visa, but the Visa is one of the few you can’t buy with gift-card credit anyway)

The bad news is, it looks like none of them are stores I normally shop at. But some of them (such as Starbucks and Panera) would only require going a *little* out of my way, and in general this vastly increases the likelihood that Amazon credit will become useful in the future.

(there are occasional complaints of cards arriving empty, but
most reviews are excellent even after the “not bothering to review
because nothing to complain about” effect, and most of the empty-card
people get it sorted out eventually (note that the cards are sold by
Amazon directly and not shady third-party sellers), so it’s
probably okay but one might want to check the balance before trying to
use it just in case)

(also they Technically Don’t Ship to Canada, but who cares, half of them aren’t even physical and I can just funnel them through my cousins anyway)

I encourage anyone who has excess Amazon-US credit lying around or otherwise gets a discount on Amazon purchases (especially if they’re a US resident, so they don’t need a funnelling contact) to investigate this themselves. None of them are stores *I* normally shop at, but they might be stores *you* normally shop at.


#adventures in human capitalism #oh look an original post #the more you know #home of the brave

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