So for a moment there I thought they’d put “undefined” on purpose, like one of those Mastercard “priceless” ads.

Then it flipped, and revealed another “undefined”.

Also, the fact that they’re reminding me to vote for American president means they’re either extremely competent (they noticed me talking about how I’m an American citizen, and recognised that this supersedes my geographical location in Canada when determining my American voting eligibility) or extremely incompetent (they didn’t notice I’m in Canada). I know which one I’m guessing.

I’m not even considering putting a voting-registration button on my Tumblr until they have demonstrated to my satisfaction that it will not completely fuck up my blog in a cascade of horrific bugs.

P.S. Also, the “Learn More” button just opens another tab of my dashboard, exactly the same as the original tab. No “learn more” information on it.


#also go vote or something #my absentee ballot arrived recently I should really deal with it soon #The Great Tumblr Apocalypse #oh look an original post #home of the brave #bluespace

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