nihilsupernum replied to your postI feel like I should clarify that those shitposts…

have we ever met someone who is eligible to donate blood

are we sure theyre real

blood donations are fake

I know some rat-adj people who can donate blood, but I don’t want to out them as total squares.

My life is *extremely* boring blood-donation-suitability-wise (no sex ever, no travel outside the US/Canada zone ever, no black-market drugs ever, no prescription meds in the past year). About the only screening questions I *don’t* breeze through are “do you have the iron to spare” (sometimes I actually don’t; good thing they test that one first so if you fail there you haven’t wasted much time), “have you left Canada at all in the past two months” (oh, it was just New York/Massachusetts? that’s fine, go ahead), and “have you received a vaccination in the past three months” (oh, it was just a flu shot last month? that’s fine, go ahead).

It’s okay, I don’t mind being a total square.


#reply via reblog #blood donation

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