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Okay, what the fuck is going on? I can’t edit my posts, I *can’t make new
posts*, I *can’t reblog posts*. Nothing happens when I press any of those
buttons. If I press reblog while on the post’s permalink page, it takes me
to a “reblogging” page, but the draft of the reblog doesn’t appear: all I
can see is my dashboard, which is supposed to just be in the background.
Oh, and clicking the “account” button on the top bar doesn’t do anything

Liking posts still works. This clearly isn’t happening to *everyone*,
because @sdhs-rationalist has made multiple reblogs since this started
happening to me. (I noticed it maybe half an hour ago, but it’s possible
it’s been happening all day and I just didn’t try to do anything that would
set it off until recently.)

I’m going to try using the post-by-email function. Let’s see what happens.

(It said I can add tags by writing hashtags at the bottom of the post, so
I’ll give that a shot.)

Hmmmm…maybe log into a new account?  

…and the reblog button appears to have magically started functioning again, sometime in the past couple of minutes. Let me go see if I can do the editing I wanted.

Yep, it works. It seems the lockout has ended as it began: for no apparent fucking reason.


#oh look an update #The Great Tumblr Apocalypse

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