Further Jewish Bus Stop Adventures


Yesterday, while waiting for the bus, I listened to some music. Certain songs feel good to me in a way that makes listening to them a lot like stimming, so I’ll often play them on repeat. Yesterday I played Sheyn Vi Di Levone, as covered by Gevolt. I closed my eyes and hummed along quietly.

Or, at least, I thought I did. About 20 minutes later I was headbanging while singing loudly in Yiddish. I know this because a piece of snow fell from the top of the bus stop and landed in my hair, snapping me out of it. Then I looked around and everyone was staring.

Me: “Why are you staring?”

Guy: “We just listened to you summon demons from beyond time by screaming in a dreadful and most ancient tongue.”

Me: “Oh, shit. I was singing out loud, wasn’t I?”

Guy: “That was singing? You weren’t loudly declaring your intention to kill us all while choking on the bones of small children?”

Me: “Well, I was singing in Yiddish, so it probably sounded that way…”

Guy: “Yiddish? As in that Jewish language? So, was that a prayer to bring on the apocalypse? Cuz if so, I would appreciate five days notice to convert. What’s the name of your death chant, anyway?”

Me: “Sheyn vi di Levone.”

Guy: “Does that mean ‘vengeful rivers of blood’?”

Me: “Nah, you’re thinking of Passover. ‘Sheyn vi di Levone’ means ‘as beautiful as the moon’. It’s a love song.”

Guy: “…Dude, if that’s what your love songs are like, I understand why you only marry each other.”


#Judaism #anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog

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