I used to bike past a cemetery every day, and whenever I did I’d get this song going through my head.

Along with the Ood chanting “the circle must be broken.”

…somehow, my brain never juxtaposed those two things. Well, it will from now on, I expect.

Even before reading this, though, I always thought it was a bit odd how a song celebrating the circle of life argued against the “boredom” pro-mortality reasoning: “there is more to see than can ever be seen/more to do than can ever be done”.

(It is only just now occurring to me they might have meant more to see than can be seen within one lifetime, rather than within eternity. Probably because the part of me that read Ringworld at a very young age heard that line and immediately thought of the main character of said book, who swore to live forever because “how else could he see all there was to see?”)

(After writing that quote, I checked it using the Amazon “search inside this book” feature. Despite not having read the book in over a decade, probably at least half my life, I got the quote exactly right. Could be luck, but possibly Ringworld was more of a formative experience than I realised.)


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