triplash asked: I’ve free bled by proxy (not having products and lol not leaving the house for that) i have no strong feels on it? I dont like it that much personally but just because its messy and i dont even like being sweaty so theres that, how do you feel about it so far?




ahhh no that’s the worst!!! when you need the products but you gotta just sit here and be anxious…
this far I feel pretty good tbh I’m not looking or anything I’m just letting it happen. I guess it’s alright since I want it, like, I more or less planned it. it’s just good not to have anything in the way you know???


I am also super interested in moon cups and also cloth pads? 

Tampons are a pretty happy event for me because i can just put in and forget about it for ages /10 but leekage & cost, hence moon cup interest! But i have major leekage/other irrational fears on it, even thoguh my friends all love it! 

Cloth pads interest me as I don’t ever desire to use pads unless leekage reasons, but occasionally use panty liners just to protect nice underwear during period times 

but i feel super icky about the whole washing process but yeah we’ll see aha! 

Are you planing on washing off free bleeding completely from undies or having spesific free bleeding undies? (or no undies?!) 

i use cloth pads and here’s how i deal with them:

when i need to change them (which isn’t that often because you can put as many liners in them as you want, and three will last me about 24 hours even with heavy bleeding — they’re really absorbant) but when I change them, I just put the dirty one into the washing machine.

i don’t necessarily start a load, but i leave the lid open so that nothing mildews and just toss them in there to be ready for the next load of laundry.

and then that’s it. at some point when i’m not in excruciating pain i’ll put some other clothes in to fill up the washing machine, run it like i normally do, and then hang them up to dry.

if it’s a good period and i’m not in too much pain, i can get completely caught up on my laundry that week. if it’s a bad period, they may sit there for a few days, but they dry (i don’t care if my menstrual pads get menstrual stains on them so this isn’t an issue) and they dont smell noticeably, and they get washed eventually and they’re fine.

i always wash at 60°C to kill bacteria and any fungal spores that might be lurking. (we’ve had ringworm with the cats, so i pretty much have to wash everything at a high temperature to stay on top of it).

Anyway, I do this because it’s easy and for me it is the least gross way of dealing with it. I know a lot of people recommend keeping a little bucket by the loo filled with water to soak them in, but that water will give off the worst smell you have ever smelled within like an hour, so you have to change the water more often that you’ll be in the mood to when your ovaries are tying themselves into knots and you can barely move, and the water gets slimey and gross — even if you’re changing it multiple times a day, and sometimes i just cannot deal with handwashing them.

the only reason to do the bucket thing is to keep them from staining, but i just accept that my menstrual pads will be stained just like my period panties (would be) stained (if they were not already black).

they make cloth tampons too. i haven’t tried them. they’re pretty easy to make though (if you crochet or knit), just make sure you use unbleached cotton, not acryllic (which is not very absorbent and it is plastic and the reason i use cloth pads is that i’m really sensitive down there and i get diaper rash for plastic pads and commercial tampons make my cramps worse, and it’s a very sensitive part of the body and i don’t want it absorbing dyes, or getting scratched (by certain types of fibre), and you might have similar concerns.)

The reason I do the bucket thing is because there are two flights of stairs between my bathroom and laundry room, and since I change the pad right before bed, when I’m not planning to go back down, I don’t want to bother with four flights of stairs (there and back) for a single pad. I never change the water during a period, but I put a bunch of liquid hand soap in and rinse the pad first if it’s particularly bloody, and the smell isn’t that strong even if you don’t get around to laundry for a while. (But then, I don’t actually mind the scent of menstrual blood, so I might be remembering it as better than it is just because I didn’t care. The bucket having a lid might help somewhat as well.) I use a disposable glove when fishing them out to throw in the wash after. (Conveniently, there is a sink right next to the dryer to dump out the old water.)

(Also, they may or may not stain more otherwise, but they definitely still stain.)


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