Why do I get the feeling that Julian and Garak made the ‘mistake’ of going to Janeway’s Coffee Shop (do we have a witty name for it? I apologise if we do) for their first date.

Which of course meant that within five minutes of it ending everyone at DD9 knew every detail of it. Tom and Harry probably have the Dax sisters on speed dial.

(I’m thinking that Tom and Harry were neighbours and then best friends before they became baristas, and the Dax family probably live on the same street as them (Harry totally had a crush on Ezri when they were kids). B’Elanna is at Uni studying to be a mechanical engineer, but she works as a barista to make money… despite the fact that her coffee isn’t great. Mostly they just keep her around because she’s the only one that can fix the coffee machines. When O’Brien comes in to get his daily caffeine fix they always commiserate together. Neelix and Kes run the cafe part of the shop, though her baked goods usually go down better than his. And Seven was hired recently after a long run at BorgerKing mostly to help manage their finances, but she surprised everyone by creating exquisite desserts. Oh and Janeway is of course the manager, she and Sisko like to come up with join advertising schemes.)

I vote for the Nebula Cafe.

Also, does Picard have a specialty tea shoppe across the street with whom the Nebula Cafe has a mostly-friendly rivalry? Of course he does.

OMG this just keeps getting better.


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