I would pickpocket a bunch of people, cook, complain about being a Grey Warden, count how much money I have, cook some more, take a nap and have some nightmares, run screaming from a mirror or two…

and frolick in the woods

that is an elfy thing to do, right?  MERRILL SAID SO

…apparently I just spontaneously turned into Thor.

Well then.

I would probably spend my entire day being bros with the Avengers and drinking coffee and eating all the food and flying around and making it rain.


Pretty much.

There would probably be some seduction of various people involved in there too.

Photosynthesising somewhere in Russia.

(It does raise a lot of issues, though. Can one really be said to have “woken up” if one has no brain to wake up with? Do I magically retain my mind despite having nowhere to keep it? If so, is this going to be an and-I-must-scream thing, or more of a restful break from life as a biped? This makes a big difference in my reaction, you know.)

(I have never been to Russia. I did not take the picture myself; someone kindly donated it to Wikimedia. For some reason I can’t find the original copy on there.)


#the nature of consciousness   #forget-me-nots   #icon   #meme

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