Look, I am sorry, Thinkpiece Writer, but the Depp/Heard trial is not even remotely “impossible to escape”. I’ve barely read a paragraph about it and I’m not even making any particular effort to avoid it.

how to curate your experience



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The last of my Renaming Day gifts to arrive (well, other than the paperwork itself) – a tritium pendant, radioactive enough to be a light source but not enough to present any harm to me


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Anonymous asked: Pro-urbanism is a communo-indio-pakio-francio-anglo-zioinist plot to get as many Americans as possible into compact, easily-nuked areas, increasing the counter-value strength of small nuclear arsenals. If instead we distributed Americans and industry evenly across all American territory (including Alaska), nuclear weapons would be much less effective.




Big if true

Definitely true.

See, this is the actual reason for rail. We can split to population into 16,000 walkable towns of 20,000 residents at a density of roughly 4,000/km2. Each will be situated on about 612 km2, and separated by about 13km in distance (the radius of the town itself will be around 1.25km).

Each town will have a single rail depot in the center with N/S and E/W lines. Buses will connect to this depot, with the short distance allowing for a trip duration of 5-10 minutes.

Trains will move at an average of around 60-70km/h, including 5 minute stop times, for about a 15 minute hop per town. This provides the population of a sizable city within a 30m-1h commute range – for every town.

A high speed express service traveling at 150 km/h might increase the reachable population to closer to 2 million. (Somewhat less due to headways and transfers.) In two hours, maybe 7 to 9 million.

Every town in America could have the network power of New York City.

There is of course the small matter of the cost of the trains, the town construction, issues with not all sites being ideal for all industry, limiting the town populations, etc, but those are just details to be sorted out later.


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genuine question for those of you who are comfortable answering: how old were you when you started using the internet & do you regret using it that young


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Making new parts is fun. Fixing old parts is less fun. This, in a nutshell, is why at-home fabrication has never been more popular. It turns out if you lock a lot of weirdos inside their houses and tell them that they might die if they talk to another person face-to-face, what they do is immediately go on AliExpress, and type “CNC router” into the little search box. Social scientists are still amazed.

Of course, there are downsides to turning your boring residential home into a scale-miniature version of an actual workplace where trained and experienced professionals work. For one thing, trained and experienced professionals work at a real machine shop instead of an IT department, and as such they have no interest in spending thousands of dollars to run off a crappy bushing adapter at home when they could instead eat dinner, drink a single beer, and think really hard about tolerances.

The other thing is the mess. When you cut up a piece of metal, the shavings don’t just disappear into the ether. What they actually do is turn into a mist of razor-sharp death, which you then cut yourself on a thousand times a week. And don’t think you can clean it up, either: all that swarf will be there when you’ve died of heavy-metal poisoning and your home is passed on to another bunch of suckers. Vacuums can’t touch it, not unless they like to blow out their motor windings, so pro-tier home machinists simply stage an arson when the pile gets too big and move into a new house with the insurance money. Hey, if you tool a little bit of magnesium once in awhile, it’ll be a really pretty fire, too.

Come to think of it, if the fire is big enough, that means you’ll get to buy a whole new set of tools all over again. Which will be really good for the brand new shop layout! No more having to drag heavy tools around because you forgot to put the lathe next to the mill. Which is good: if your friends come over to help you move it, they might breathe on you, and then you’d both die.


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my sense of humor: getting birthday cards with the wildly incorrect age on it for people






I see this and raise you: getting cards for a wildly different occasion and customizing them to fit the holiday you need











throwback to the time my partner put in his 2 week notice with a birthday card for a 2 year old






Once I got a card that said “BEST GREAT GRANPA EVER!!”

I’m a teenager





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