one thing you need to know about me is that i am constantly having insane galaxy genius ancient greek philosopher level thoughts about everything ever all the time but before leaving my mouth they get filtered through seven layers of autism and come out sounding like a youtube comment made by a nine year old


Is that what that is?!? Is that why i cant vocalize the hot thoughts?


#god I fucking know right #fucking hate the autism filter #(the layer of having to verbalise your thoughts in the first place is one thing) #(but the layer where *even when you know exactly what words you intend to say‚ your mouth won’t repeat them verbatim*? uggghhhh) #that excuse for communication called speech #autism #relatable


it’s an ‘I feel like i’m being gaslit by phonologists’ kind of night again

on some level i feel like i should appreciate the wide range of sounds humans can make with their mouths and that people have put a lot of effort into studying and cataloguing subtle variations within them. i should! intellectually i do.

emotionally i don’t though. i just read about yet another distinction between two sounds that i cannot hear l and i want to grab the entire field by the lapels and shake them vigorously while yelling that it’s the same fucking sound what are you talking about


#this probably deserves some warning tag but I am not sure what #is the blue I see the same as the blue you see #language #relatable #fun wif forn fronting #last night I was‚ once again‚ listening to Of Monsters and Men and contemplating alien qualia



Poking around on “does the dog die?” website and found possibly the best comment on the Mad Max: Fury Road page


#Mad Max #relatable #(not the *having* a stunning disregard for traffic safety) #(the describing of an action movie in these terms)



{{ https://va.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_r5zqduFo6O1z90pfl.mp4 }}

would you like to see the best video on tiktok? i present… a fancy flock

#that is a hell of a look

This kind of acausal compliment makes me want to share my Halloween costume from last year:



#relatable #clothing #proud citizen of The Future #(I think the plague doctors of old would be pleased to know what we have been able to build on their foundation) #(I especially think about this when I see people wearing bifold ~N95s) #(it’s most blatant there: you can *see*‚ at a glance‚ how this object partakes of the same Platonic essence as a plague doctor mask) #(but better‚ more perfected‚ closer to the heart of #the thing the plague doctors took the first fumbling steps towards with their limited understanding and their limited manufacturing tech) #(it’s so beautiful) #((I wish I’d kept a copy of a picture I stumbled across once)) #((some news article I think)) #((a picture from a COVID ward‚ of a group of doctors gathered around a patient’s bed)) #((and these people‚ the plague doctors of our era)) #((were wearing elastomeric P100s just like mine)) #((or rather‚ I am wearing one just like theirs)) #((it is *so* beautiful‚ what we have been able to build)) #tag rambles #illness tw #covid19


I like being the kind of boringly self consistent guy who will, across a span of a decade, choose to name the same kind of thing the exact same way, such that my trigger which I hadn’t yet got around to actually implementing will just work by running the script from 2013