Two nights in a row I ~invented and applied a new mental motion to deal with the kind of insomnia where you’re really sleepy, and the conditions are right, but you just can’t do the final step of falling asleep

Would describe motion as being horny about sleepiness sensations. Really leaning into the sensuality of the sheets, rubbing feet together, nestling into sheets. Leaning into the thought of “given that I am this sleepy, I’m in the ideal place”

When I hover at the border of sleep, I can feel my thoughts kind of blister and decohere in fun, dreamy ways. at this point of insomnia, I frequently draw back awake, stimulated by my anxiety that I would lose momentum

this time I focus totally on the sensuality of dreamthink

it might be healthy in the future to, whenever having this kind of sleepy insomnia, stop worrying completely about the cost to tomorrow’s functioning, and give myself over completely to the pleasurable condition of being So Cozy


#never before have I encountered a post this perfectly suited for the tag: #people who can distinguish between their drive for sleep and drive for sex fascinate me

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