new gregan


When electronics importer Cara Leon goes missing, private investigator Sam Mujrif is hired by her sister to investigate. Cara is eight times taller than Sam, but evidence soon points to players much smaller than either of them. As Sam and his cross-scale colleagues pursue the case, it becomes apparent that Cara’s disappearance is linked to the development of technology with the potential to reshape their whole society, and radically alter the balance of power between the scales.


he can’t keep getting away with it!


but it’s not the science that makes it great literature but the deep ethical questions that you can use the sci-fi conceits to address, like “would you really arrest a little guy? 🥺”


just a nano little guy? 🥺


#storytime #oh god I haven’t even read The Arrows of Time yet and he keeps writing More #this does look really good though

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