Making friends with people from other countries is so crazy. I sent my group chat a Big Bird gif.


And this one girl says, “why isn’t he blue?”

I’m like, the fuck you mean??

So today I learned that in the Dutch version of Sesame Street, they do, in fact, have a blue Big Bird.


I was baffled by this so I went on Muppets Wiki and guess what.

In Mexico, Big Bird is green and his name is Abelardo.


Turkish Big Bird (aka Minik Kus) is apparently fucking orange.


This looks like a fuckin alternate universe or smth. I can’t.


Actually, in the Mexican version (which is the one I saw here in Colombia, and was probably streamed in other countries in Latin America) we had both the yellow and the green bird. That is because Abelardo (the green bird) is the Mexican cousin of Big bird. Initially it was supposed to be the Mexican version of Big Bird, but then it was decided to leave both characters and make them cousins to help explain the kids about the migration wave between USA and Mexico in the 90s


There is even a chapter of the show were Abelardo travels to the US to visit his cousin Big Bird

Later, they decided that all the different birds, from all the versions around the world, would be “cousins” too, with the idea of showing the diversity of cultures and teach the kids about unity and acceptance against racism and discrimination


Sorry sorry hold on sorry. sorry????


Cookie Monster’s name in Spanish is LUCAS EATSCOOKIES????


#[I don’t know how to write it down‚ but please imagine me singing ”Cham Me’od Hayom” here] #((okay *wow* that’s ungoogleable)) #((here: )) #Sesame Street #the more you know

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