Sure, monkeypox has now spread across all of Canada, but don’t worry! Historically it hasn’t been very contagious!


#every fucking news article† is like this and it makes me wonder whether #their fingers are just pressing keys by reflex with no conscious input into their writing #if they actually think it’s not a big deal they should provide Actual Reasons instead of contradicting themselves every paragraph #at least I can take comfort in the thought that there’s a distinct possibility that #–one way or another– #within years my immune system won’t be orthopox-naive anymore and I’ll be in a lot less danger from smallpox lab-leaks-and/or-bioterrorism #(†except arguably Kelsey Piper’s: she technically does use the ”historically it hasn’t been very contagious” line but #overall her article does at least sound like a person wrote it) #illness tw #monkeypox

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