I worked at a McDonald’s as a cashier in high school and it was during a time when they changed their POS system (point of sale, not piece of shit) so everything was now in a slightly different, less logical place, but I was working 20ish hours a week so I picked it up really quickly

Anyway I was out with my friend in the next town over and we went to a McDonald’s because she really wanted an ice tea and we go through the drive through. The man greets us out of the little speaker and asks for our order and she says “Hi! Could I get a large sweet ice tea please?”


Longer silence.

And I knew in my heart what was happening.

So I leaned over and said, “It’s on page two of drinks, under juice, then the third one down.”

Another much shorter silence.


“What the – how the hell did… Uh. I mean. Thank you?”

And it’s been literally ten years but I’m still riding the high from that.

Ninety percent of most magic consists of knowing one extra fact.

-Terry Pratchett


#I wonder if this is gonna be me someday #storytime #in which Brin has a job

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