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apparently duolingo shuttered tinycards sometime last year, which, like, yeah, that’s exactly why I never tried it and refuse to use any online flashcard stuff except as a data source for export

I’d never heard of tinycards in specific, but yeah, same.

VitalSource tried to get me to use their proprietary cloud-dependent flashcard system to study for my commercial-law class, and I said “fuck you” and used Mnemosyne instead. I regret nothing.

(I also backed up the textbook despite VitalSource’s attempts to stop me.)

tiny cards I remember being interested in because whenever somebody else does the work of assembling, in an ordered manner, thousands of words with audio recordings and illustrative pictures, like, yeah, you’ve got my attention

I was thinking about trying to scrape it but I never got around to it and it seems they’ve just tucked the data back into their pockets or whatever

I personally use anki but afaik mnemosyne is entirely able. I did use it briefly ages ago but bounced for reasons I cannot remember. plus as long as the data is yours you can, in theory, export everything. in practice it would probably be a tremendous pain in the ass and I wouldn’t consider switching unless there was an extremely compelling reason


#conversational aglets #101 Uses for Infrastructureless Computers

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