i wish there were more modern aus for his dark materials because i really want to know if the general consensus is that you’d share a twitter with your daemon or that you’d have separate accounts

a daemon is the little voice in the back of my head that goes “don’t post that idiot, haven’t you heard that paw patrol jokes are problematic now?” but instead of a mental voice its a tiger pointedly pressing the backspace button on my laptop

@featherquillpen @bicatperson

I take my cues for this from IRL people who have dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities doing a timeshare in one body).

A lot of the time they’ll have one account – it’s easier than having to keep track of who’s signed in all the time – and individual voices will sign their comments when they feel the need to. Say, one comment might have a paragraph signed by person X, and another signed by person Y. Or there’ll be one person who uses the account most of the time, so if anyone else wants to jump in with a comment, they’ll do the signing.

In HDM canon, most interactions are carried out human-to-human. So the default assumption on Twitter, etc, would be that posts are made by humans. If a daemon feels the need to have direct input, I’d have them sign the tweet.

On Twitter specifically, they absolutely sign with animal emojis. The daemon-world Unicode Consortium is VERY diligent about having an appropriate emoji for every animal anyone has ever settled as. They probably had a working plan for it before they got around to “different skintones for smiley faces.”

Facebook would have a built-in “check this box to signify that your daemon is posting” option, and then the comment displays differently. Probably has the option to upload a separate daemon avatar to go with it.

If a daemon is the primary user of an account, they wouldn’t admit it. (On the internet, no one knows you’re a…fill in the blank.) Any time someone gets Internet-famous without ever being seen in public, people will start rumors that it’s the daemon fronting the account, not their human.

Instagram is the big exception, where daemons will openly be the stars of cute-critter aesthetic blogs, and any regular animal that comes off as suspiciously savvy will get accused of being a daemon in disguise. They’re also a huge part of the “staged photos of animals doing meme-able weird things” industry.

…there are vicious arguments about whether Chuck Tingle’s IRL “preferred trot” involves literal trotting, or whether he’s the human doing an obvious misdirect as part of his weird persona. Neither side is right. Chuck Tingle is (the pseudonym of) a velociraptor daemon.


#daemons #story ideas I will never write

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