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Which browser? I remember Chrome on Ubuntu specifically being very memory hoggy and refusing to free up even after closing (even more than on windows) but it’s also been a while

I use Vivaldi, which is a Chrome derivative, as my main browser, and Firefox as the other one that is usually open with a few hundred tabs.

I feel like Firefox generally lags less than Vivaldi does, but swapping their use cases would be a huge pain.

(And it seems almost like there’s a bleed among Vivaldi, Chromium, and google-chrome, which are all installed and used separately.)

But yeah, the “won’t free up after closing” thing is super goddamn annoying.

In Chromium settings, under “Advanced –> System”, there’s a toggle for “Continue running background apps when Chromium is closed”. Does Vivaldi have an analogous toggle? Does it help to switch it off?

Ooooohhh, there is! I turned that off, and will see if it helps. Thanks!


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