I love how so much of the wizards’s repertoire in D&D implies something awful.

Like, there’s an 8th level spell where you cut out a chunk of somebody’s living flesh and use it to spend the next several months growing a bottled clone that’s bound to their soul, so if they ever die, the soul will transfer to the clone.

This is a standard, core-book piece of wizardry that literally any player’s wizard can choose to learn when they reach the appropriate level.

This is a game that has very specific built-in assumptions about What Wizards Are Like, is what I mean to say.


#what do you mean ”awful” #is there some horrible catch not stated in this post? #because as stated that sounds *great* and I *want* one #*fuck* clinging-to-life-with-a-mere-single-body #D&D #death tw #transhumanism #and I suppose I’ll follow OP’s lead by tagging it #body horror

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