Ash Soto was ashamed of her skin condition until she turned it into art. Diagnosed with vitiligo at age 12, she was often bullied and was once asked if she ‘showered in bleach.’ One day, she traced around her vitiligo with a black marker and realized it looked beautiful, like a world map, so she continues to create body art in hopes of inspiring others to love their bodies. Source Source 2

okay this is rad but also consider: fantasy world with this as the map. the world is set on a planet-sized human being. international politics revolving around convincing the Earth Goddess to transport armies with her hands. hands being covered in cities built from the proceeds of war profiteering. are clothes involved? does the sky sometimes just get covered in fabric? how weird would it be to be the village shaman going on a pilgrimage to the Ear Temple to convince the Goddess to get naked or at least wear a lighter shirt because their crops are dying from insufficient light? oh shit, is there blood magic, which involves digging deep mines down to fast-moving underground rivers? taboo, because you might get something fucked up into the bloodstream and poison the Goddess? god damn there’s a lot of directions to go with this


#story ideas I will never write #art #vitiligo #(with marker on it looks like maps tattooed onto baseline-white skin) #(though in general my brain parses vitiligo as ”dark patches on light background”) #(even knowing intellectually that it’s really ”light patches on dark background”) #(vitiligo-white is my baseline skin tone so it feels normal to me)

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