I’ve been wondering this on and off, and I figured I might as well get around to asking:

Are other people’s imaginations shut down or impaired when they’re sick?

Mine is: I pretty much don’t have visualised fantasies at all when I’m sick, and what fantasies I do have are much fewer in number and much less vivid. I can think of possible explanations that lead to both “this is a very common experience” (maybe it’s part of the cognitive issues that come with the brain’s convalescence mode) and “this is a very rare experience” (maybe it’s my brain’s way of resolving the conflict in the instinctive How to Respond to Illness code between “get lots of rest” and “avoid getting pregnant”, forcing a loss of libido by rendering me incapable of sexual fantasies (and, as a side effect, non-sexual fantasies)).

Anyone know how common imagination impairments are when sick? Failing that, anyone have anecdotal experience about whether this happens to them?


#oh look an original post #illness tw #is the blue I see the same as the blue you see #(as far as I know I am not currently sick) #(*knocks on wood*)

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