Fun (and useful) fact for the day: you can email a phone number* and text an email address. The message will be automatically translated into the other format.

Does your friend with an unlimited texting plan want to have long texting conversations, even though you don’t have unlimited texting? Email your parts of the conversation to them, and you won’t have to pay for the outgoing texts!

Are you trying to call your ride to come pick you up, only to find that their phone is broken, you don’t have a data plan to email them with, and there are no public Wi-Fi hotspots around for miles? Text their laptop!

(I use those two examples because they are things that actually happened to my mom and me, respectively, and we had to muddle through them the hard way because we didn’t know about email-to-text/text-to-email. Next time, we’ll know better.)

To text an email address, just type the email address into the “send to” box instead of a phone number.

To email a phone number, send the email to [the person’s phone number]@[the email-to-SMS website of the person’s phone carrier; here’s a list I found covering many carriers in many countries]

Happy typing!

*(if it’s a mobile phone, anyway; don’t know about landlines)


#the more you know #oh look an original post #I suppose I’ll tag this #Brin owns *two* 2010’s computers now #even though I still haven’t activated my SIM card #(I stumbled across this information while considering maybe actually buying a phone plan) #(turns out mobile Internet is not as useful as it looks at first glance) #(a lot of the things I would want it for I can get done with texting) #(texting OTOH is *more* useful than it first appears for the same reason) #((in case anyone notices the discrepancy in)) #((”I still haven’t activated my SIM card” and)) #((”if I’d known about text-to-email I could have texted my ride”)) #((it’s because I was borrowing my mom’s phone during that incident))

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