I made this graphic because some people like to complain that changing the gender/sex of the characters somehow “ruins” or “desecrates” Arthur Conan Doyle’s legacy. Funnily enough nobody ever complains when they are turned into mice, dogs, etc. (Presumably because they are still male.) As you can see there have been several female versions of these characters in the past, and they have hardly ruined anything.

Some of the oldest adaptations only had the actor info for Holmes on IMDB, so either Watson didn’t exist in those films at all, or the actor is unknown. (If he did exist it’s pretty safe to assume he was male.)

I excluded incarnations where Holmes/Watson only appeared once as guest stars in unrelated tv shows. (There were lots.)


My heart soars over my favorite robot Watson


#Sherlock #I don’t know if the last person to add text is serious #but as of last time I saw it I loved Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century in all honesty #all five episodes of it #(it kind of weirds me out that there are actually twenty-one more that I never got to see) #nostalgia

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