the new layout isn’t really that scary for the most part


I’m putting it down in one place for people scared of the changes. A lot of it is only aesthetical changes and especially for those of you who don’t use extensions/add-ons will really only see those and need to get used to them. Aside from the bugs, of course.

For those of us who use extensions, things are a bit more tricky/buggy.

text posts / posting


the window opens on top of your dash. there is no way to get it to open in a separate window/tab without loading the dash first. all the functions you’re used to are there, you just have to fiddle with the buttons a bit.

adding a source/custom url and post date and toggle photo replies has been put together under the cog symbol (pink box)

publishing options (queueing/scheduling/save as draft) have been put together under the post button toggle (green box)

post cut and photo/gif inserts are there, too (blue box)

your tags are no longer saved and clickable as you type, but other than that work basically the same as before.

this has been updated so saved tags now show up. added feature is that tags don’t just follow the first few letters you type, but any words/letters that match saved urls. clicking a tag will delete it.

twitter options are easily accessible and editable by clicking the twitter icon.


text posts / reblogging


you can reblog text posts as texts/links/quotes same as before. the options are under the link icon (pink box)

if you choose to reblog a text post as a link you can not add an image like you would with a text post. if you change to ‘reblog as text’, however, the option returns (as per image 1)

photo posts / posting


again, the photo post opens on top of your dash. the post options work the same as for text posts (see above).

you can choose up to 10 images in one go to add to the post and you will be able to preview them as a set before you post. while you are not given a choice of how to align your images before you upload, clicking and dragging the images around will allow you to set them up with full flexibility; essentially giving you the custom photoset option without the addon. this includes multiple 500px images on top of each other which was not native before:


if you choose to add a caption to your photo(s), the option to add an image in the description is not there:


how to add a gif/image to a post/reblog

anything that is not a text post will not have the native option to add an image, so here’s the ~sneak way to do it until an extension finds a workaround.

  1. open a new text post window
  2. add your gif/image to that post
  3. click the picture to select it and press Ctrl+X
  4. return to the description window of your post/reblog
  5. select where you want the image and press Ctrl+V

bugs / scary shit / rumours

(under a cut because I feel like these might change a lot?)

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#PSA #The Great Tumblr Apocalypse #oh is that all #(but then I never bothered with Missing E) #(and it is running kind of slow) #(but still)

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