bringing this meme format back since history is repeating itself.


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Asexual Sex Toy Review: Tenga Egg, Asexual Activities Annex

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This review was Too Hot For Tumblr™, so here it is, brought back from the dead.

Also, looking for more feedback/thoughts about the way the pictures and video are handled here, as they’re a bit more involved (and graphic, although no actual nudity is involved) than the earlier examples.

I like the three-tier description/filter/original system for the images. I think it fulfils both halves of the dual purpose of content warnings very well: giving [people who don’t want to see it at all] an opportunity to back out, and giving [people who are okay with choosing to see it but don’t want it to take them by surprise] a heads-up.

The descriptions are good both at giving a chance for informed consent and at letting you know what’s going on (if you choose not to look); the filtered images are definitely less in-your-face than the originals, offering both a way to see what’s happening and a way to prepare yourself before moving on to the originals.

I find the tabbed display intuitive and easy to use, though to be fair I’ve only tried it on a laptop and not on mobile.


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Anonymous asked: why were you banned?


Still no idea.  I didn’t get a warning, I didn’t get a notice of being banned; I just tried to log in one day and couldn’t.  Then they didn’t respond to my emails about it for ten months.  Then today some people told me they could see my blog again and a few hours later I got an email saying that I’m unbanned, but it doesn’t explain anything, just says I’m reinstated and “thank you for your patience.“


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Klingon tumblr is called tm’blarr and if you post a nipple they stab you


With all due respect this is not proper klingon phonology.

  • A klingon syllable must have a medial vowel.
  • /bl/ is not an allowed consonant cluster.
  • rr isn’t in the orthography really it’d just be r

Constructing the Klingon verson of the word, the main problem is what you want to do with the u (/ə/) in tumblr. You could leave it u, pronounced oo (/u/), though I personally would make it I, pronounced like in kit (/ɪ/), because in my dialect that’s pretty close to the schwa (the uh sound in tumblr). In order to keep the random glottal stop (’), because that sounds very klingon (it uses those a lot), I’m going to stick it in the syllable between the b and the l (since, remember, that’s not an allowed consonant cluster, unless it spans a syllable boundary). This is a little odd, as you’d probably just stick your neutral vowel between them, but klingon doesn’t really like CV (consonant-vowel) syllables and it sounds cooler. I like using ih in neutral syllables, but you could always follow the original post’s choice and make it a instead.

It’s probably tImbI’lar (/tɪm’bɪʔ.lar/). tim-bi’-lar (roll the r). Stress  on the central syllable.

Edit: in honor of wongbal I have translated the original post as ngech mIllogh Dalabchugh, DaDuQlu’, “if you post a nipple you get stabbed.”

More accurately, as “if you transmit a picture of a woman’s cleavage, you will certainly be stabbed.” The online klingon dictionary is incapable of using normal words and I spent a solid ten minutes searching as many synonyms for upper-chest-areas-of-the-body as I could think of. Also, disclaimer that I’ve only been studying this language for a few months.


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The Thingie, round 3!


I have returned after recovering from (moderate-to-large homework assignment that would have been infinitely easier had I not left it until the last… three-ish hours before the deadline? after knowing it was due for over a month?) to say more nice things about people on the internet!


One of your about pages implies that you only follow highly interesting people. This is an excellent strategy because it makes your follows feel important and insightful even if they’ve only sporadically participated in a couple of ask memes since September

You’re really good at finding interesting articles from the Outside World and having thoughts about them. This is why you’re one of my favorite options for archive-trawling. If I accidentally like a post from three weeks ago please do not be alarmed

I’m most familiar with your blog as part of the @xhxhxhx@lambdaphagy, etc. triad of people whose economics/sociology opinions I may or may not agree with but always enjoy reading. This is an A+ sphere of Tumblr in which to be involved


1. pink hair!!! yes this deserves its own point

2. excellent taste in sushi, artsy hobbies, pretty dresses, and Instagram people

3. blog typically has more horses than sharks, despite what one may expect from the title, but they are very excellent horses

4. makes the CUTEST THINGS like omg

5. very fun to hang out with! also apparently people I have actually met in real life get bullet points not sure why this is


You have a really pretty Tumblr avatar. I don’t know what it’s of, but it’s always nice to run across it as I’m scrolling through my dash and see it off to the side being all vaguely rainbow-y. This usually isn’t the kind of thing people hope to be complimented on, but avatar choice is important and you have chosen wisely

I don’t know about the approximation part, but the ‘reasonable’ half of your url is definitely applicable to every post of yours I’ve seen.

…This kind of sounds like a ‘damned with faint praise’ scenario, but seriously, reasonableness is one of the few characteristics that all of the writers I admire invariably share; it’s also important and that kind of consistency is admirable


I haven’t posted them because space-conservation reasons, but your compliment meme request was the funniest! So you win on that front! and yes it was a competition this whole time

Your blog seems like a decent source of non-USian news and general Canadian-ish-ness. As your country has just elected an exceptionally cute prime minister, this is an incredibly important feature and I hope to see further updates in the future

I have a hard time finding blogs that contain Tumblr-typical humor without being too Tumblr-humor-y, so your blog is a great resource! Your anything-that-makes-me-laugh-this-much-deserves-a-reblog tag has been instrumental in bringing the Mint Mistake to my attention, for which I owe you my thanks

(I want to use this as a context link, but @floresapriles got force-safe-moded (for some probably-bullshit reason) and is too dormant to try to do anything about that. So, I skimmed through her blog on the dashboard view until I found it (I knew roughly when it was posted, so it wasn’t all that hard to find), and I’m reblogging it here. A link to this post will be showing up shortly, in an aside on a comment roundup.)


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Tumblr tracker Dashboard

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Hey everybody, the ArchiveTeam tumblr project is up and running!

If you have resources, please install Archiveteam’s warrior program to contribute to the project! It’s very easy to set up on and install on any computer, there are step by step instructions at

We’re already up to 11TB and 187 million blogs archived, but we’re going to need a lot more help to get all the NSFW content before the 17th!

main project discussion takes place irc at #tumbledown on efnet, and you can add blogs to be saved using this google form:

Where did you get the 187-million figure from? It makes sense that the ~65k figure on the tracker would just be the sex blogs, since all of the blogs I’ve seen go by on it have been sex blogs, but I didn’t see any information regarding non-sex blogs.

I have unlimited Internet, cheap electricity, and a cool climate, so I’m in a pretty good position for (small-scale) volunteer computing. I’ve been running a warrior for a couple days now. I’ve been leaving my laptop on overnight because if I’m interpreting the instructions right, you only get to pause a task for a few hours before it’s considered abandoned and re-assigned, and I didn’t want to lose work. (especially since my current task has been 22 hours and counting; some of these blogs are pretty big)

I think I’ll continue helping out with their other projects once this one is finished: archiving is (as anyone reading this blog has probably noticed) a pet cause of mine. Since it mostly just needs bandwidth and doesn’t take much CPU, I can even run it and World Community Grid at the same time without problems (anti-disease efforts are my other pet cause).

nightpool replied to this post with:

the 187 number came from scott’s recent tweet, i’m not aware of the source of it but considering that he literally owns the computer all of these are uploading to (before being sent to the archive) he’s reasonably authoritative on the subject


#(December 2018) #this concludes the retroactive application of my new aglet policy #(I looked at Twitter user @textfiles and was not able to find the figure) #(since it was not really that important I didn’t bother to dig further) #101 Uses for Infrastructureless Computers #The Great Tumblr Apocalypse #The Last Tumblr Apocalypse #(still helping with their other projects by the way) #(they’re kind of saturated right now but I leave the client program running anyway) #(sometimes I get a task to run if I happen to be close enough to the front of the line when they’re handing out a batch) #(and next time there’s an all-hands-on-deck project I’ll be ready to leap into action)

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@somnilogical, I wanted to thank you for your efforts in being a Tumblr Purge News Network. I’ve found it very helpful.

i like to do lots of meta when thinking of changes. im kind of using my tumblr to pinboard possibility-space of where humans could go

im also downloading every app and signing up for every website someone mentions and poking around in them to see what theyre like

Yeah, it’s bedtime for me now but tomorrow I’ll be doing some poking around too.

And researching backup methods for all the potential sites, because fuck having a mere single copy of anything.

(If I parsed the jargon correctly, this Mastodon backup program [link] is compatible with Pleroma? *If*. I’ll test it soon, probably tomorrow.)

If you self host Mastodon you could just back up straight from the database on your server.

Even if I get a handle on how to do that on a technical level, I’d need to rent a URL for it, right?

If I decide to settle down in the Fediverse I will seriously consider self-hosting, but I’m not ready to drop money on it yet.

Either that or an instance ran by someone else. 

(see also this other branch I was in)


#(December 2018) #conversational aglets #The Great Tumblr Apocalypse #The Last Tumblr Apocalypse #Fediverse #101 Uses for Infrastructureless Computers


The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.

John Gilmore




“When life gives you lemons…”


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PSA: Stuff You Maybe Didn’t Realize You Can Back Up To AO3, And How To Tag it

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Tumblr seems to be in potential death throes or at least, incredibly volatile and unreliable lately, but we’ve done some pretty good and informative work on canon analysis and reference guides so I was looking for ways to back it up without losing it…and the solution became obvious to me:

Archive of Our Own, aka AO3. 

“What?” you might ask if you are less familiar with their TOS. “Isn’t that just a fanfic archive??”

No! It’s a fanWORK archive. It is an archive for fanworks in general! “Fanwork” is a broad term that encompasses a lot of things, but it doesn’t justinclude fanfic and fanart, vids etc; it also includes “fannish” essays and articles that fall under what’s often called “meta” (from the word for “beyond” or “above”, referencing that it goes beyond the original exact text)! The defining factor of whether Archive of Our Own is the appropriate place to post it is not whether or not it’s a fictional expansion of canon (fanfic), though that is definitely included – no, it’s literally just “is this a work by a ‘fan’ intended for other ‘fannish’ folks/of ‘fannish’ interest?” 

The articles we’ve written as a handy reference to the period-appropriate Japanese clothing worn by Inuyasha characters?  The analyses of characters? The delineations of concrete canon (the original work) vs common “fanon” (common misconceptions within the fandom)? Even the discussion of broader cultural, historical, and geographic context that applies to the series and many potential fanworks? 

All of those are fannish nonfiction! 

Which means they absolutely can (and will) have a home on AO3, and I encourage anybody who is wanting to back up similar works of “fannish interest” – ranging from research they’ve done for a fic, to character analyses and headcanons – to use AO3 for it, because it’s a stable, smooth-running platform that is ad-free and unlike tumblr, is run by a nonprofit (The OTW) that itself is run by and for the benefit of, fellow fans. 

Of course, that begs the question of how to tag your work if you do cross-post it, eh? So on that note, here’s a quick run-down of tags we’re finding useful and applicable, which I’ve figured out through a combination of trial and error and actually asking a tag wrangler (shoutout to @wrangletangle for their invaluable help!):

First, the Very Broad:

– “ Nonfiction ”. This helps separate it from fanfic on the archive, so people who aren’t looking for anything but fanfic are less likely to have to skim past it, whereas people looking for exactly that content are more likely to find it.

– while “Meta” and “Essay” and even “Information” are all sometimes used for the kinds of nonfiction and analytical works we post, I’ve been told “ Meta Essay ” is the advisable specific tag for such works. This would apply to character analyses, reference guides to canon, and even reference guides to real-world things that are reflected in the canon (such as our articles on Japanese clothing as worn by the characters).  The other three tags are usable, and I’ve been using them as well to cover my bases, but they’ll also tend to bring up content such as “essay format” fanfic or fanfic with titles with those words in them – something that does not happen with “Meta Essay”.

– I’ve also found by poking around in suggested tags, that “ Fanwork Research & Reference Guides ” is consistently used (even by casual users) for: nonfiction fannish works relating to analyses of canon materials; analyses of and meta on fandom-specific or fanwork-specific tropes; information on or guides to writing real-world stuff that applies to or is reflected in specific fandoms’ media (e.g. articles on period-appropriate culture-specific costuming and how to describe it); and expanded background materials for specific fans’ fanworks (such as how a given AU’s worldbuilding is supposed to be set up) that didn’t fit within the narrative proper and is separated out as a reference for interested readers. 

Basically, if it’s an original fan-made reference for something specific to one or more fanworks, or a research aid for writing certain things applicable to fanworks or fannish interests in general, then it can fall under that latter tag. 

– You should also mark it with any appropriate fandom(s) in the “Fandom” field. Just like you would for a fanfic, because of course, the work is specifically relevant to fans of X canon, right?

If it discusses sensitive topics, or particular characters, etc., you should probably tag for those. E.g. “death” or “mental illness”, “Kagome Higurashi”, etc. 

Additionally, if you are backing it up from a Tumblr you may wish to add:

– “ Archived From Tumblr “ and/or “ Cross-Posted From Tumblr ” to reference the original place of publication, for works originally posted to tumblr. (I advise this if only because someday, there might not be “tumblr” as we know it, and someone might be specifically looking for content that was originally on it, you never know)

– “ Archived From [blog name] Blog ”; this marks it as an archived work from a specific blogAnd yes, I recommend adding the word “blog” in there for clarity- Wrangletangle was actuallydelighted that I bothered to tag our first archived work with “Archived From Inu-Fiction Blog” because being EXTREMLY specific about things like that is super helpful to the tag wranglers on AO3, who have to decide how to categorize/”syn” (synonym) various new tags from alphabetized lists without context of the original posting right in front of them.  In other words, including the name AND the word “blog” in it, helps them categorize the tag on the back end without having to spend extra time googling what the heck “[Insert Name Here]” was originally

Overall, you should be as specific and clear as possible, but those tags/tag formats should prove useful in tagging it correctly should you choose to put fannish essays and articles up on AO3 :)

Oh, and protip sidebar for those posting, especially works that are more than plain text: you can make archiving things quicker and easier for yourself, but remember to plan ahead for tumblr’s potential demise/disabling/service interruptions. 

The good news: You can literally copy and paste the ENTIRE text of a tumblr post from say, an “edit” window, on tumblr, straight into AO3′s Rich Text Format editor, and it will preserve pretty much all or almost all of the formatting – such as bold, italics, embedded links, etc!

But the bad news: keep in mind that while AO3 allows for embedded images and it WILL transfer those embedded images with a quick copy-paste like that, AO3 itself doesn’t host the images for embedding; those are still external images. This means that whether or not they continue to load/display for users, depends entirely on whether the file is still on the original external server! As I quickly discovered, in the case of posts copied from the Edit window of a tumblr post, the images will still point to the copies of the images ON tumblr’s servers. 

What this means is that you should back up (save copies elsewhere of) any embedded images that you consider vital to such posts, in case you need to upload them elsewhere and fiddle with where the external image is being pulled from, later. 

Personally, I’m doing that AND adding image descriptions underneath them, just to be on the safe side (and in fairness, this makes it more accessible to people who cannot view the images anyway, such as sight-impaired people who use screen readers or people who have images set to not automatically display on their browser, so it’s win-win)

Thanks for this helpful guide! I haven’t used some of these tags so far for the fandom stats work I’ve cross-posted to AO3, but that’s because I didn’t know about them. Great ideas! :)

I keep meaning to mass archive my Toastystats work to AO3, but I am always stymied by image hosting when trying to overcome inertia and do so. It takes time to repost all the images to external hosting (like imgur). So thus far I’ve only done it for a few major analyses, and even in some of those cases, the images are hosted on Tumblr. But I should finally get around to it. At least I’ve exported my Toastystats side blog recently, so most of my stuff should be preserved if anything should happen. But maybe this holiday break I’ll finally make more progress.

I second all of this!

I’ve also found that AO3 is the best way for me to distribute my vids. I do have to host them elsewhere, but AO3 gives me a consistent URL and a way to have useful headers with fandom/ship/etc. even if I switch hosting a hundred times.

omfg I can re-host my Wes overanalysis metas on AO3 itself? omfg!!!

…I don’t know where else I’d host the photos of the comics pages on some of those posts but DUDE :D

Re: image hosting, maybe WordPress? A free account comes with 3 GiB (each slightly larger than a GB) of image hosting (but no audio or video; you need a premium subscription for those).

I used WordPress hosting for the image I put in a recent Dreamwidth post [link]. Note that WordPress uses an image-gallery system, which means you don’t have to make a WordPress post using the image in order to host it there.


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