‪Launching into the sunrise is beautiful. @spacex (at Cape Canaveral, Florida)


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What You Didn’t Know About Scott Kelly and Living in Space (Floating Urine is Involved)





First Ever NASA Reddit AMA from Space Recap

Space AMA 1

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly hosted a Reddit Ask Me Anything on Jan. 23 where people, well, asked him anything.

Kelly answered a range of questions from whether the crew members play space pranks on one another (“Occasionally…” Kelly said without elaboration.) to whether Kelly’s recovery plan will be different than normal (“I think my rehab plan is the same as if I were here for 6 months, but I’m not positive.”).

To start off, here are a few quick facts we learned about Kelly during the AMA:

  • The advice he would’ve given himself before going into space on day 1 would be to pack lighter.
  • His favorite David Bowie song is “Modern Love,” and his favorite non-space related movie is “The Godfather.“ 
  • He uses a Nikon D4 when taking pictures (camera settings and lenses vary).
  • He thought it was cool to watch the movie “Gravity” while he was on the space station, because that’s where the movie took place.
  • Once he lands, Kelly will miss the challenge of being aboard the space station the most.

Here are a few fun questions that astronaut Scott Kelly answered:

What’s the creepiest thing you’ve encountered while on the job?

Space AMA 2

Could a rogue spaceship sneak up on the space station?

Space AMA 3

We finally got an answer for one thing so many of you have been curious about…why does Scott Kelly always fold his arms?

Space AMA 4
Space AMA 5

When astronauts go up to space, they experience something very few others have and see Earth from a very unique perspective. What’s one thing Kelly will do differently once he returns home?

Space AMA 6

Kelly also told one user something unusual about being in space that people normally don’t think about: feet calluses.

Space AMA 7

Another user wanted to know what the largest societal misconception about space/space travel is. According to Kelly, it has nothing to do with science.

Space AMA 8
Space AMA 9
Space AMA 10

To read the entire Reddit AMA with Kelly, visit his IAmA thread.

Kelly’s #YearInSpace ends Mar. 2. Follow him until the end of the journey (and beyond) on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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The very first Reddit AMA from space! 


I think my favorite part of Commander Kelly’s AMA was realizing that NASA had to ship up the printed Reddit logo for his AMA verification on one of its cargo flights. 

It currently costs about $10,000 to send a pound of cargo to low-Earth orbit. There’s about 100 sheets of paper in a pound, so that was a $100 sheet of paper. Maybe the most expensive single Reddit logo on or off this planet.


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First ever flower grown in space!

This zinnia flower was not selected for his beauty (although it is super cute!), but because it can help scientists understand how plants flower and grow in microgravity.

“It is a more difficult plant to grow, and allowing it to flower, along with the longer growth duration, makes it a good precursor to a tomato plant” said Trent Smith, Veggie project manager at NASA.

Photo: NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly

Credit: Canadian Space Agency’s Facebook Account


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