In middle school I was really into RuneScape, and weirdly terrified of any of my friends finding out, even though I’m sure none of them would have given a damn

In hindsight, this looks like really clunky thematic foreshadowing of me realizing I was gay in high school

God is a hack writer

It takes practice to learn how to keep secrets, and the best practice material is secrets that don’t actually matter, so that if you fail it’s not a big deal.

(I say this as a person who also kept her Runescape-playing secret for a while as a kid. I managed four months before anyone found out, which is not bad for a ten-year-old.)


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Quick reminder that Flight Rising’s one-day registration window opens in about fifteen minutes! (Half past 1pm GMT.)

I’d write a longer post about why it’s a really cool site and you should join ^_^ but I’m currently super focused on pokemon-battling a group of my dragons up to max level so that I can help out my not!Hogwarts House in a friendly-but-intense competition tussle thing we’ve got going on with another House this week. (They’re called Flights. Because dragons.)

So I’ll just drop this fact here: when my Flight did an informal Gdocs survey of people’s demographics after the November reg window when I joined, like 18% of us were nonbinary. Also there was an option for nonbinary gender. :D *shrugs* I can’t speak for other Flights, but Lightning is some damn cool people if you’re into spreadsheets. :D

Ooh. *wanders over to website*

…wow. I have not seen that much impenetrable game-jargon in one place in quite some time. Not that I’m saying Flight Rising is unusually bad, mind you. I’m sure the Runescape home page I looked at this morning would seem just as impenetrable to the untrained eye, but I have eleven years’ experience speaking Gielinorian and it comes as naturally to me now as standard English. It’s been a while since the last time I had to learn a new game language.

Well, you’ve only been playing for what, a month? And you seem to be reasonably fluent already. I’m sure I can cope.

I’m confident that potential near-future me who already has a decent grasp on Flight Rising would like to hear your explanation of why it’s awesome almost as much as I do. Maybe when you’re less busy.

I was about to say I’m not into spreadsheets, but then I remembered the time I charted my menstrual cycles for six months out of sheer curiosity. And the time, eleven years ago, that I read the entire guide section of the Runescape website before even making an account. (The guide section is much, much bigger now. A modern-day newbie could never hope to do the same.) And how, though I enjoyed playing Nethack, I enjoyed reading about it even more. (The so-called “bachelor’s degree” aspect of Nethack, in which you must study all the obscure intricacies of the game in order to do well, puts a lot of people off. I really liked it, that there were entire long guides devoted just to, say, Altars and You.) I suspect I probably am what you’re calling “into spreadsheets”, and just don’t think of it in the same terms. Feel free to correct me if I’ve misinterpreted you.


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BTS – December!

Find out all about why RuneScape is the place to be this festive period, including:

– A brand new Elf City task set.
– Dominion Tower improvements, including new ‘Rumble’ mode!
– Premier Club 2015. 
– Winter Weekends.
– All our Christmas events – including Community Crackers, our Snowman Boss, and a Snowboarding event!

Which are you most excited for?


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What’s happening this November in RuneScape? It’s set to be incredible.

We start with the small matter of a Double XP Weekend, Clan Cup Finals, and the new Well of Goodwill – and it gets better and better.

New Treasure Trails, a new quest, and – as promised – ELF CITY BATCH #2!

It’s going to be a month to remember! Share it with your friends! 



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the new meme is


*pulls two pieces of paper out a hat* slug….recruitment 

*all of tumblr starts chanting slug recruitment*


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This character intro page gives a completely misleading impression of Cacofonix’s importance in the series. You flop, Cacofonix – you mattered in maybe two books? Asterix the Gladiator and Asterix and the Magic Carpet? And you only mattered in the latter because you’d suddenly been given a bullshit magic power that you’d never manifested in any of the twenty-plus books before that.

oh well at least Justforkix thinks you’re cool

yes, everyone in this series has a punny name

my all-time favourites: the two legionaries called Sendervictorius and Appianglorius.

“yes, everyone in this series has a punny name”

this is why my little brother loves the Asterix series beyond all reason. He’s probably read the entire English set by this time, just giggling at all the puns or anything that looks like a pun. (I quite enjoyed going through one of them with him and explaining things like the visiting British druid Valueaddetax – but I was quite startled by how MANY there were. It’s amazing.)

…this is where the Taverley druids get their naming scheme from, isn’t it?



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