Also, interesting note on Lucy’s condition. Stoker is actually subverting what was a common trope in that time period.

It was a common for characters in novels to fall ill, often from tuberculosis, which had similar symptoms as what Lucy is experiencing- paleness, loss of energy, difficulty breathing. A victorian reader would quickly recognise these symptoms, and the trope they are suggesting.

But in this case, nope, it’s not that rascally consumption this time, Lucy’s got a case of the vampires, lads.

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… took us a second to realize they meant stoves

well, it was ok yesterday, and if it was ok on one day it should also be on the next one, so


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imagine what it must be like to do scholarship on the odyssey when your name is odysseus. big brain move like who is going to disagree w odysseus’ takes on the odyssey. nobody



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