The Unofficial Homestuck Collection

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Oh sweet I was hoping someone would do literally exactly this


#I haven’t actually read Homestuck and I don’t particularly plan to but I’m glad to hear there are preservation efforts #not sure I’ll go so far as to download it myself #(though I *did* take copies of those abandonware-rescue-operation fan-made Animorphs ebooks a while back) #(which I also have not read) #Homestuck #101 Uses for Infrastructureless Computers #the more you know




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#language #Homestuck #anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #my past self has good taste #(I don’t think all of these have the right number of x’s though) #(having three straight vowels in ”inclusionist” could be explained by having guessed that word wrong) #(but what could ”bxcxxxsx” be in that context but ”because”?)


homestuck canon is so wild that you can tell me virtually anything happened and i’ll believe you. like you can say “terezi murdered dave” and i’ll be like “that sounds about right” and actually i’m gonna have to refrain from writing the rest of this post because i just remembered that terezi did, in fact, murder dave


#Homestuck #death tw? #murder cw? #anything that makes me laugh this much deserves a reblog #(I don’t speak much Homestuck and cannot *personally* vouch for this) #(but the person I reblogged this from *does* speak Homestuck and seems to think this is legit) #((I *think* if I’m interpreting his tags right Terezi murdered a version of Dave from a twig of the main timeline)) #((or something along those lines))


Today’s aesthetic: constructing “X is the Y of Z” analogies using incommensurable categories; e.g., “Quinoa is the Homestuck of comestible grains.”


#everyone loves it or hates it or often both at once #except you #you tried it once‚ couldn’t really get into it‚ and wandered off a few minutes later #you are vaguely glad that people are having fun with it #food #Homestuck