whenever ur holding tongs and get the urge to clack them together thats the carcinization impulse rearing up in ur dna


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So I was looking up a certain kind of cellular automata on Wikipedia out of curiosity, and then I ended up seeing a link for something called “billiard ball computers”.


So basically it’s a theoretical construction to show nature has results that can be reversible or something. You do have to let the billiards be frictionless, though. So it’s not like you could implement this in real lif-




This guy???


Wait,, just look at the pictures they have though. The captions refer to crab groups as “swarm balls”, which is a very endearing term IMO.


Unfortunately, these gates take up a lot of space, so to do big computations you’d need lots of crabs and several hundred feet of cardboard.

Me: You want to google something? Sure, let me fire up my crabputer…

Me: *dumps a bucket of soldier crabs into an acre-wide rat maze*

Me: it takes them a while to find the internet, so sit tight for a bit.


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Elbow Crabs (Parthenopidae) are crabs with the mightiest elbows!

There are numerous species across the world and some of them have pincers that are each more than twice as long as the rest of their body!

Normally they walk around with their pincers held close to their chest but should you get too close, they open their arms and threaten you with a great, big hug.


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