whispering, “no,” at a character because you know they’re about to make a fool of themselves and kill you with second hand embarrassment


#QFT #Castle #(reached 5×19 today in my first watching) #(breaking and entering to satisfy curiosity you shouldn’t have piqued in the first place: bad idea) #(I spent a lot of time hiding behind a pillow) #(come to think of it my ‘no’ was more of a whine than a whisper)


Firefly references in Castle.
Didn’t you wear that, like, five years ago?



I like it.


#Castle #Firefly #where was the thing with the blue gloves? #how did I not catch that? #I should’ve caught that on osmosis alone #(I’m just now actually watching Firefly so I couldn’t have understood ‘I was aiming for his head!’ until two days ago) #(and I still don’t get the ‘special brand of hell’) #I did laugh at the Chinese-speaking bit though #and had to explain it to my mom #who somehow managed to miss out on all the fandom osmosis #(she’s watching it with me now) #tag rambles